Iceferno-DJ-25.07.2015Iceferno DJing at Bargrooves: Kerry Nolan & Friends, July 25th 2015.

(1) Biography
(2) Aliases
(3) Discography

blank(1) Biography

How it startedIceferno-M2K

Alec’s fascination with music started at an early age, hearing music his parents listened to. Early notable influences include Vivaldi, Jackson Browne, and Sting. The young Iceferno had a brief stint with musical instruments, starting with Piano and Trumpet lessons in primary school. Sadly, these hobbies didn’t quite take off.

It was while at secondary school, being introduced to Michael Jackson remixes and German eurodance band Scooter that interest in electronic arrangement started to take shape. In 2004, Alec discovered Music 2000, a music creation tool for the PlayStation & PC. Despite the limited software, some interesting music was created, while learning what it takes to compose and remix.

Eventually the Iceman moved on to FL Studio in Summer of 2005, which has become his main source for home production. And over the course of 9 years, Alec has experimented with many different sounds to master the high professional standard he is known for today.



The MusicIceferno-bio

Initally making House, Alec has since added more styles to his repertoire. Key favourites include Bossa Nova, House, and deeper forms of Trance. He will always try to create something different, as to challenge himself. Ice prides himself on creating unique music that you can identify within the first second. He used to use multiple aliases for different styles, but as of 2014, has dialled it back to just Iceferno, Whirlwing, and Silver Sanctuary, in the rare instance that Uplifting or Progressive Trance can be made.


Since beginning production, Alec’s music has appeared on 3 digital record labels, College promotional videos, and the musician is currently scoring an independant movie being filmed in Kent, UK. Alec has attained diplomas in Levels 2 & 3 BTEC Music Production, has sold his music on his own online store, and has also performed as a DJ, both in bars and on radio.


“I don’t actually remember the date I started making music. My original name was Inferno, which came from the Scooter track ‘Sunrise (Ratty’s Inferno)’ (B-side to ‘She’s The Sun’, later re-released as ‘Ratty – Sunrise (Here I Am) (Instrumental)’. In the summer of 2005, Inferno became Iceferno through a fascination with opposites. The same year I moved onto new software (FL), which has become my go-to sequencer. Thanks to the combined knowledge of home production and industry-standard software learned on my course, I am proud today to have an extensive understanding of electronic music.
~ Iceferno, January 2014.


(2) Aliases

In the first ten years of producing, Iceferno had many aliases for different styles of music. But from 2014 onward, he decided to merge them into his main name. Silver Sanctuary and Whirlwing, however, will likely remain intact as Alec finds it difficult to categorise Iceferno as Trance. Here is a quick runthrough of his pseudonym history:


Alec’s main pseydonym, originally used just for various forms of House and the lesser-known Deep Trance, which combines Deep House and Progressive Trance.

Originally created in 2007. It has been used on few productions, most having an overall Electro feel to them. The main association with this name could be the “Cyber City” project, a hybrid of Trance, House and Electro vibes throughout 3 distinct mixes. Alec hopes to return to these tracks to update them and provide additional versions/movements.

As this rather backwards individual, Alec produced a mixture of surprising genres. He has so far produced Big Beat/Funk, Nu Disco, Minimal Techno and Experimental. The purpose of this alias was to try new styles and show a different side to the producer.

Perhaps Alec’s most known identity, due to remixing themes from The Legend Of Zelda video game series. Clouddrifter productions tended to all be immersive, beautiful creations and this would’ve been the likely contender for film scores.

This could have been a promising project, but it was difficult for Alec to find the right sounds and help was never really given to him from other Trance producers. “Zen” was perhaps the peak of what was created in this style.

One of Alec’s oldest aliases and a particularly proud one. It’s roots are buried in many influencial Euro-Trance songs from the early 2000s. One notable creation is a remix of Minimalistix – Struggle For Pleasure, which is heavilly influenced by CJ Stone and Voodoo & Serano circa 2002. As with most Euro-Trance producers, Alec also makes ‘Happy’ Hardcore/Rave, similar to Darren Styles, Hixxy, Scott Brown etc.

“Originally I wanted to seperate my sounds through different names, but I realise now that grouping them all under one name makes me appear more versatile as a musician. And when that first album finally happens, I can make something really special. Having said that, it’s more than likely that some aliases may come back as self-remixes.” ~ Iceferno, July 2015


(3) Discography

Lists ordered by main name, aliases, collaborations and artist remixes.
Short versions left out unless made first.
2005 Italic = Music 2000 creations.
2009-12 Bold Text = College projects.
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Curious to know how many originals Iceferno’s made? You can check the total on this page.


2004 – 13 ENTRIES

Iceferno – Set The Night Alight! (Houseclub Mix) [first House song]
Iceferno – Sexy Dream (2004 Version)
Iceferno – Superior (Original 2004 Mix)
Clouddrifter – Be Calm [lost]
Whirlwing – Conflagration [first Trance song – first ever song?, lost]
Whirlwing – Fantasy [lost]
Whirlwing – Fire Dance [lost]
Whirlwing – Welcome! (Original) [lost]
Whirlwing – Wild Gilgamesh (2004 Original) [FF5 Gilgamesh fight music]
Scooter – Nessaja (Whirlwing Remix) [lost]
Yuzo Koshiro – Dilapidated Town (Clouddrifter Remix)
Yuzo Koshiro – Moon Beach (Iceferno Long Club Remix)
Yuzo Koshiro – Violent Breathing (Iceferno Club Remix) [deleted after 2005 remaster]


2005 – 18 ENTRIES

Iceferno – Across The Sea (Original 2005 Mix)
Iceferno – Falling Stars [Waiting For A Star To Fall, Instrumental]
Iceferno – I’ll Be Fine (Full Mix)
Iceferno – Jazzy [promo for STNA 2005 release]
Iceferno – Midnight Cruise (Edit, then Extended Mix) [released]
Iceferno – Set The Night Alight! (Club Mix) [released]
Iceferno – Set The Night Alight! (Dizko Mix)
Iceferno – Set The Night Alight! (Lavender Remake)
Iceferno – Sexy Dream (2005 Version)
Iceferno – Walk On Water [Ambient “Across The Sea”, lost]
Clouddrifter – Be Calm II (Chillclub Mix) [formerly known as “Purple Skies”]
Whirlwing – Found (Club Mix) [artist originally Aeroworld]
Narcotic Thrust – I Like It (1C3F3RNO Remix) [Instrumental, lost]
Nobuo Uematsu – Chocobo Theme (Iceferno 2004 Remix Remaster)
Nobuo Uematsu – J-E-N-O-V-A (Whirlwing Remix)
Nobuo Uematsu – The Man With The Machine Gun (Whirlwing Remix)
Yuzo Koshiro – Dreamer (Iceferno “Amusement Park” Remix) [lost]
Yuzo Koshiro – Violent Breathing (Iceferno Club Mix)


2006 – 30 ENTRIES

Iceferno – Across The Sea (Silver Sanctuary Remix)
Iceferno – Angel Eyes (Original Mix) [released]
Iceferno – Angel Eyes (Lavender Remake) [released]
Iceferno – Angel Eyes (Behind The Mascara) [released, people on the internet seem to love this one]
Iceferno – Beauty (Silver Sanctuary Amethyst Mix)
Iceferno – Blackcurrant
Iceferno – Dusk
Iceferno – Emotion (Original 2006 Mix)
Iceferno – Fairway (Original 2006 Mix)
Iceferno – Hawaii (Original 2006 Mix)
Iceferno – Missing You Already (Original 2006 Mix)
Iceferno – Never Say Goodbye (Original 2006 Mix)
Clouddrifter – Be Calm II (Iceferno 2006 Remix)
Clouddrifter – Jacuzzi (Original Mix)
Whirlwing – Hello Happiness (Original Club Mix)
Whirlwing – Hello Happiness (Whirlwing Remix)
4 Strings – Sunrise (Silver Sanctuary Remix)
Aquanote – The Last One (Iceferno Remix) [Instrumental]
Barthezz – On The Move (Iceferno Remix)
Cosmicman – I Love You (Silver Sanctuary vs. Iceferno Remix)
Fire & Ice – Para Siempre (Clouddrifter Ambient Mix)
Kyau & Albert – Kiksu (Iceferno Remix)
Filterheadz – Blue Sky Happiness (Iceferno’s Lavender Remake)
Jamiroquai – Seven Days In Sunny June (Iceferno’s Juneflower Dub) [Instrumental]
Phil Western – Sunset Sands (Iceferno Tropical Island Remix)
Psilodump – Washed (Iceferno Lavender Remake)
Santana – She’s Not There (Iceferno Instrumental)
Senzei – Feeling Good (Iceferno’s Passionate Lovers Sleepover)
Senzei – Love Me (Iceferno Deep Mix)
Yoshino Aoki – Endings & Beginnings (Iceferno’s Lavender Remake)


2007 – 28 ENTRIES

Iceferno – Never Say Goodbye (Silver Sanctuary Remix)
Iceferno – Ramirez (Original 2007 Mix, Edit)
Iceferno – Ramirez (Alectro Remix)
Alectro – Cyber City (Mix 1)
Alectro – Cyber City (Mix 2)
Alectro – Cyber City (Iceferno Tribal Mix)
Silver Sanctuary – DreamQueen (Extended Mix)
Silver Sanctuary – Fantasy (Original Mix)
Silver Sanctuary – Fantasy (Dub Mix)
Silver Sanctuary – Keep You Warm [lost]
Silver Sanctuary – Pacific Coast [from Road Rash 1 Genesis]
Silver Sanctuary – Time Is The Hammer
Silver Sanctuary – Waiting For Your Call (Original Mix)
bLiNd – Temple Trance (Iceferno’s 2007 Update)
Boards Of Canada – In A Beautiful Place, Out In The Country (Clouddrifter Abeyance)
Cristian Paduraru – Emotion Comes From Motion (Iceferno’s Electro Chillout Mix) [released]
Cristian Paduraru – Emotion Comes From Motion (Iceferno Main Remix)
David West – Suffering Island (Silver Sanctuary Moonbeam Remix)
DJ Spoke – Watch Them Fall Down (Silver Sanctuary vs. Iceferno Remix) [Instrumental]
Duderstadt – Muhanjala (Iceferno’s Lavender Remake)
Goemon Production Team – The Melting Snow Goes Along With The Festival (Iceferno Reprise)
Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl (Iceferno’s SpaceAge Electro Remix) [Instrumental]
Major Players – Come With Me (Silver Sanctuary Moonbeam Remix) [Instrumental]
Scooter – Acid Bomb (Iceferno Rework)
Solar Corp – An Afternoon In Heaven (Silver Sanctuary Remix)
Signalrunners – Aria Epica (Clouddrifter Remix)
Vega Projekt – Pangea (Iceferno’s Lavender Remake)
Yuzo Koshiro – Keep The Groovin’ (Iceferno “NightTime Causeway” Remix)


2008 – 34 ENTRIES

Iceferno – Green Light District (Demo Version)
Iceferno – Heartburn (Progressive Version) [Volcano Valley Zone from Sonic 3D Genesis]
Iceferno – Met Her In Paris (Original Mix)
Iceferno – Met Her In Paris (Shoreline Mix)
Iceferno – Met Her In Paris (Silver Sanctuary Moonbeam Remix)
Iceferno – Moonday (Demo Version)
Iceferno – Urban Playground (Edit, then Extended)
Alectro – Cyber City (Mix 3)
Clouddrifter – Torrential Gardens (Video Version)
Silver Sanctuary – KandleLite
Silver Sanctuary – M.Ocean
Silver Sanctuary – Purple Nights
Whirlwing – City Of Poison (Video Version)
Whirlwing – Conflagration (2008 Main Mix)
Whirlwing – Conflagration (2008 Alternate Mix)
Whirlwing – Conflagration (2008 Hyperpulse Mix)
Whirlwing – Conflagration (Iceferno Tribal Mix)
Whirlwing – Wild Gilgamesh (2008 Remake)
Whirlwing – Hello Happiness (Alectro Remix)
TranceLuvers (Juventa) – The World Of Trance (Alectro Remix)
Yenhgus Onrefeci – X2C (Whirlwing Alpha Mix)
Yenhgus Onrefeci – X2C (Original Mix)
Yenhgus Onrefeci – X2C (Iceferno’s L.S.Deep Remix)
Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann – Madness (Alectro’s Sedation)
Corderoy – Sweetest Dreams (Whirlwing’s Chillcore Remix)
Dark Electric – Fury (Silver Sanctuary Remix)
Dark Electric – Second Reality (Whirlwing Remix)
Final Fantasy – The Sound Of The Atom Splitting (Whirlwing Remix)
Hayden Panettiere – My Hero Is You (Silver Sanctuary Remix) [it’s pretty lame lol]
Iris Dee Jay – Mystical (Iceferno Remix)
Sunset Highway – Dive [In Your Dreams] (Whirlwing Club Mix)
Sunset Highway – Dive [In Your Dreams] (Whirlwing Trance Mix)
The Mystery – Devotion (Alectro Remix)
Yuzo Koshiro – Fighting In The Street (Iceferno “Main Street” Lavender Remake)


2009 – 65 ENTRIES

Iceferno – Angel Eyes 2009 (Silver Sanctuary Mix)
Iceferno – Angel Eyes 2009 (Iceferno’s 2K9 Lavender Remake)
Iceferno – Green Light District (Extended)
Iceferno – Honey Eyes (Original Radiant Glass Mix)
Iceferno – Honey Eyes (Icey’s Lolita 64 Remix)
Iceferno – Humberside Moonlight (Original, Edit)
Iceferno – Moonday (Uncut Version)
Iceferno – What Was I Mixing [AVGN Theme Remix]
Iceferno – Volleyballin’
Alectro – Elektronik Sin4me
Alectro – Nadeo Retro [TrackMania 1 menu music]
Alectro – Robots On Vacation (Original Mix)
Alectro – Robots On Vacation (Tech Mix)
Alectro – Robots On Vacation (Iceferno’s Summerhouse Remix)
Alectro – Robots On Vacation (Alectro’s Summershock Remix)
Clouddrifter – The B Factor (Original Version)
Blec Arooke – AndyTek [samples The Matrix]
Blec Arooke – Unreasonable [composed in Reason]
Clouddrifter – The B Factor (Iceferno Remix, Edit)
Silver Sanctuary – Heart’s Home [not 100% finished, was never that satisfied with it]
Silver Sanctuary – Fragile
Silver Sanctuary – Rainbow Pond (Original Mix, Edit)
Silver Sanctuary – Rainbow Pond (Iceferno Remix, Edit)
Silver Sanctuary – Time Is The Hammer 2009
Silver Sanctuary – Zen (Original Dream Dub)
Silver Sanctuary vs. Whirlwing – Higher Than Hawks (Original Mix)
Silver Sanctuary vs. Whirlwing – Higher Than Hawks (Minor Mix)
Whirlwing – City Of Poison (Extended Mix)
Whirlwing – Euromantic (Club Mix, Edit)
Whirlwing – Lament (Club Mix, Edit)
Whirlwing – Paranormal
Whirlwing – Sundown (Original Mix)
Whirlwing – Sundown (Whirlwing Atmosphere Mix)
Whirlwing – Sundown (Iceferno’s Lavender Remake)
Whirlwing – Sundown (Whirlwing vs. Stevie Bond Remix)
Whirlwing – Welcome! (Hardcore Mix)
Whirlwing – Werewing (Original Mix)
TranceLuvers (Iceferno) – Star Hill (Silver Sanctuary vs. Whirlwing Original)
TranceLuvers (Iceferno) – Star Hill (Iceferno’s Radiant Glass Remix)
TranceLuvers (Iceferno) – Star Hill (Silver Sanctuary vs. Whirlwing Dub)
TranceLuvers (CamSynth) – Journey Through Paradise (Whirlwing Remix)
TranceLuvers (Jason Taylor) – One Step At A Time (Silver Sanctuary Remix)
Angelic – It’s My Turn (Whirlwing vs. Stevie Bond Remix)
Audioplacid – Feel Alive (Silver Sanctuary Remix)
Audioplacid – On Waves (Silver Sanctuary vs. Whirlwing Remix)
Audioplacid – Walking Away (Silver Sanctuary Remix)
Azura – Run With Me (Whirlwing Remix)
The Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (Blec Arooke W403 Remix)
Beserker – Shockwave (Whirlwing Remix)
Condor – Velvet Dreams (Whirlwing Remix) [private, not that pleased with it]
Hydroid – Atlantis (Iceferno’s Uncharted Remix)
Juventa – Love In The Music (Iceferno vs. Alectro Remix)
Kid Cudi – Day ‘N’ Nite (Blec Arooke W403 Remix) [first Logic project, really bad]
Minimalistix – Close Cover (Whirlwing Remix)
Moldano – Adagio For Strings (Silver Sanctuary vs. Whirlwing Remix)
Motion – Bells Of Love (Whirlwing Remix)
Overtouch – Flower (Silver Sanctuary vs. Juventa Remix) [ok. J half-assed the finished product.]
Sean Tyas – Melbourne (Silver Sanctuary vs. Whirlwing Remix)
Sensation – The Anthem 2003 (Whirlwing Remix) [never completely finished]
Sound Players – Terminal Summer Beat (Iceferno Remix)
Sparx – Midiva (Whirlwing Remix) [private remix for the artist]
Stevie Bond – Beginnings (Silver Sanctuary vs. Whirlwing Remix)
Stevie Bond – Fondness (Whirlwing Remix)
Tokyo Nine – Alpha (Iceferno Remix)
Ultra Spin – The Dawn (Whirlwing Remix)


2010 – 18 ENTRIES

Iceferno – Angel Eyes 2009 (Don’t Make Me Fly Away – 2K9 Lavender Remake Vocal Version)
Iceferno – Big Fun (Tribute Mix)
Blec Arooke – Dischord (Original Experiment)
Blec Arooke – District XVII
Blec Arooke – Steam
Whirlwing – Identity (Original Mix)
Bob Marley – Is This Love (Blec Arooke Remix)
Budai & Vic – All Night Long (Iceferno Remix) [private, not satisfied with it]
Goemon Production Team – Airy Mermaid (Clouddrifter Rewash)
Koji Kondo – Astral Observatory (Clouddrifter Rebuild)
Koji Kondo – Last Day (Clouddrifter Rebuild)
Minimalistix – Magic Fly (Whirlwing Remix)
Nine Inch Nails – Survivalism (Blec Arooke W403 Remix)
Randy Katana – In Silence (Whirlwing Remix)
Styles & Breeze – Future Set (Whirlwing HC Remix)
Survivors – Heaven (Whirlwing’s 10th Anniversary Remix)
Survivors – Kagami (Whirlwing Remix)
Weezer – Buddy Holly (Iceferno W403 Remix)


2011 – 44 ENTRIES

Iceferno – Angel Eyes (2K11 Behind The Mascara Mix) [College Portfolio Track #4]
Iceferno – Bedmates (Blec Arooke Original)
Iceferno – Coast 2 Coast (The Traveller’s Sound Shower)
Iceferno – Cyberstring Blues (Original Mix)
Iceferno – Deep House 19.01.2011 #1 [aka “Terry Lee Brown III”]
Iceferno – Deep House 19.01.2011 #2 [aka “Keybawd”, long filtered fade-in chords]
Iceferno – Deep House 28.02.2011 [aka “Piano Song”, manual chord input w/ Midi Keyboard]
Iceferno – Deep House 19.10.2011
Iceferno – Inner City Paradise (Neo Tribute Mix)
Iceferno – Left 4 Dead (Erhu Version for China Contest)
Iceferno – Simpler Times
Blec Arooke – College Portfolio Track #2 [Hip-Hop, sampled tracks and original elements]
Blec Arooke – College Portfolio Track #3 [Soundscape, abstract Boards Of Canada type stuff]
Blec Arooke – Jaguar [D&B track to Jaguar car commercial]
Blec Arooke – Reflex
Blec Arooke – Roommates (BA Mix)
Blec Arooke – Roommates (Iceferno Remix)
Clouddrifter – Beach Of The Sea King (Tribute Build)
Clouddrifter – Orange Island (Original Uncut, Cut, Free Version)
Clouddrifter – Orange Island (Iceferno Remix, Edit)
Clouddrifter – Orange Ocean
Clouddrifter – Stream Of The River King (Tribute Build)
Clouddrifter – Yellow Velvet (Demo Version)
Silver Sanctuary – Star Hill 2012 (Demo) [College Portfolio Track #1]
Akari Kaida & Yoshino Aoki – Falling Green (Iceferno Remix)
Budai & Vic – I Love Deep (Whirlwing Remix)
Dito – Ocean (Whirlwing Sunset Remix)
Doo – Coast (Iceferno’s Beach House 11.11 Remix)
Goemon Production Team – Coming With Resort Feeling (Whirlwing Remix)
Johan Kivi – Clouds (Iceferno presents Clouddrifter Remix) [released]
Koji Kondo – Calling The Four Giants (Clouddrifter Rebuild)
Koji Kondo – Music Box House [Farewell To Gibdos] (Clouddrifter Ensemble)
Koji Kondo – Song Of Healing (Clouddrifter Rebuild)
Koji Kondo – Zora’s Domain (Clouddrifter Rebuild)
Masato Nakamura – Green Hill Zone (Alectro’s 80s Reconstruction)
Masato Nakamura – Oil Ocean Zone (Blec Arooke’s Reconstruction)
Masato Nakamura – Spring Yard Zone (Blec Arooke’s Soul Make)
Masato Nakamura – Star Light Zone (Iceferno’s Then And Now Remix)
Minimalistix – Struggle For Pleasure (Whirlwing Remix)
Sean Tyas – Pacifier (Clouddrifter Angelic Ambience Remix) [for label, never released]
Sean Tyas – Pacifier (Clouddrifter Angelic Breaks Remix) [for label, never released]
SEGA Sound Team – The Doomsday Zone (Whirlwing’s Recreation)
Terry Lee Brown Jr. – Fix Me Up (Iceferno Remix)
Yuzo Koshiro – Go Straight (Iceferno Reconstruction)


2012 – 71 ENTRIES

Iceferno – Can’t Stop Dancing Around (Tribute Mash Mix)
Iceferno – Didn’t Mean To Love You So (Tribute Mix)
Iceferno – Ganja Style (Tribute Mash Mix)
Iceferno – Iceferno R.M.X. Channel Launch (S3&K Menu Theme)
Iceferno – Jubilee Road
Iceferno – Moonday II (Original, Free Version)
Iceferno – Moonday III
Iceferno – Moonday Zero
Iceferno – O Canada (Deep Trance Mix)
Iceferno – Ring Like Heartstrings (Dedicated Line Mix)
Iceferno – Ring Like Heartstrings (Tech Support Mx)
Iceferno – Secret Theme (Original Mix)
Iceferno – Secret Theme (Dub Mix)
Iceferno – Shenmue (Deep Transition Mix)
Iceferno – Stronger Than Time (Original Mix, Free Version)
Iceferno – Time At The Bar
Iceferno – Twilight Zone (Tribute Mix)
Iceferno – You Might Lose It (Kaoz 6:23 Tribute Mix)
Blec Arooke – 90 Minute Warning (BA Extended Mix)
Clouddrifter – Blue Beach (Original Intro Mix)
Clouddrifter – Dust In The Wind (Vintage Ambient Mix)
Clouddrifter – Final Destination (Man With Hooks Mix)
Clouddrifter – Hawaiian Honeymoon (Original Timeless Mix)
Clouddrifter – Infinite Finale (Aftermath Mix)
Clouddrifter – Lady, Hear Me Tonight (Sunset Resort Mix)
Clouddrifter – May 13th, 2000 (Finale Suite Mix)
Clouddrifter – Rocky Mountain High (Astral Rebuild Mix)
Clouddrifter – Three Ships (2012 Winter Work)
Clouddrifter – Turn Around, Look At Me (Sunset Resort Mix)
Clouddrifter – Unlimited Finale [inspired by “Infinite Finale”, in video+music project]
Clouddrifter – The Water Shop (Original Mix, Dubstrumental)
Clouddrifter – Why Can’t We Be Friends (Ensemble Mix)
Silver Sanctuary – Star Hill 2012
Whirlwing – 2000 (Original Mix, Edit)
Whirlwing – 2000 (Whirlwing XOO2 Mix, Edit)
Whirlwing – Adiemus (Rough Tribute Mix)
Whirlwing – Bloodbath (Acid Reconstruction Mix)
Akito Nakatsuka – Zelda II Overworld Theme (Whirlwing Rejump)
AKMusique – Future Tale (Iceferno Club Remix)
Armand Van Helden – Break Night (Iceferno Club Remix)
Christina Aguilera – Your Body (Blec Arooke Soulmake Remix)
CoLD SToRAGE – Canada (Iceferno’s Sapphire Mist Remix)
Cosmicman – I Love You (Silver Sanctuary Timeless Mix)
Danny J Lewis – This House (Iceferno’s Moonday Remix)
Gat Decor – Passion (Iceferno’s Summer Cities Remix)
Goemon Production Team – The Melting Snow Goes Along With The Festival (Clouddrifter Rebuild)
Hiroshi Kawaguchi – Passing Breeze (Iceferno’s Arcade Sun Remix)
Hiroshi Kawaguchi – Splash Wave (Clouddrifter Sunset Mix)
Kazumi Totaka – Wave Race 64 Theme (Clouddrifter Beach Build)
Kerri Chandler – Atmosphere Track 1 (Iceferno’s Neo Tribute Mix)
Kerri Chandler – Atmosphere Track 1 (Iceferno’s Bigga System Mix)
Kerri Chandler – Bar A Thym (Alectro’s Mercury Remake)
Kerri Chandler – Bar A Thym (Iceferno’s Blue Fog Demo)
Koji Kondo – Astral Observatory (Whirlwing Remix)
Koji Kondo – Great Fairy Fountain (Clouddrifter Big Build)
Koji Kondo – Ice Cavern (Iceferno’s Blue Fog Remix)
Koji Kondo – Lost Woods [Saria’s Song] (Blec Arooke’s Cube Remix)
Koji Kondo – Song Of Healing (Clouddrifter 2012 Build)
Koji Kondo – Zora’s Domain (Clouddrifter Night Version)
Michael Jackson – She Drives Me Wild (Iceferno’s Blue Fog Remix)
Motoi Sakuraba – Shy Guy Desert (Clouddrifter Beach Build)
Needs – Inner Glow (Iceferno 16bit Reconstruction)
Nobuo Uematsu – Final Fantasy VII Sleep Theme (Clouddrifter Lounge Mix)
Senzei – Feeling Good (Iceferno’s Beautiful Sleeper Remix)
Survivors – Kagami (Whirlwing’s 10th Anniversary Remix)
Survivors – Under Water (Whirlwing’s Überlebende von Aurora Remix)
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Visitor At Night (Clouddrifter Rebuild)
Urulu – 1991 (Iceferno’s Librattarius Remix) [longest track made]
Yuzo Koshiro – Fighting In The Street (Iceferno’s Mutant Reconstruction Mix)
Yuzo Koshiro – Keep The Groovin’ (Blec Arooke Club Remix)
Yuzo Koshiro – My Little Baby (Blec Arooke’s Reconsoul)


2013 – 31 ENTRIES

Iceferno – 10 Minutes To Live (Original Mix)
Iceferno – Bedmates (Iceferno’s Blue Fog Remix)

Iceferno – Chime (Tribute Mix)
Iceferno – Citrine Way (Original Mix, Free Version)
Iceferno – Cyberstring Blues (Revised Mix)
Iceferno – Disclosure Gear
Iceferno – Kaoz Gear
Iceferno – Khan’t Give Up On You (Original Mix, Extended Mix)
Iceferno – Moonday Zero (Spa Mix)
Iceferno – Never Say Goodbye (2013 Librattarius Mix)
Iceferno – Pump Up The Jam (Then And Now)
Iceferno – Restless Shaw
Iceferno – Shenmue Nightfall Intro (Reconstruction)
Iceferno – Stoic (Original Sub Mix)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath (Original Dub)
Iceferno – The Tundra Between Towns (Original Mix)
Iceferno – What About This Love (Tribute Mix)
Alectro – Rage Dub
Clouddrifter – Get Ready For This (New Year 2013 Ensemble Mix)
Whirlwing – Doom HD (E1M1)
Whirlwing – Speedway 1 (Amethyst City)
Whirlwing – Speedway 2 (Blue Plant)
Christopher Young – Hellraiser (Clouddrifter Seance Build)
DistantJ – Froggia Theme (Iceferno Islands Remix)
Firewall – Sincere (Whirlwing’s Speedway Remix)
Koji Kondo – Last Day (Clouddrifter 2013 Build)
Koji Kondo – Super Mario Bros. Theme (Clouddrifter Super Sirena Build)
Masato Nakamura – Chemical Plant Zone (Whirlwing Club Mix)
Masato Nakamura – Green Hill Zone (Alectro Extended Mix)
Toru Minegishi – Palace Of Twilight (Clouddrifter Rebuild)
TC 1991 – 1991 (Iceferno Dream Version)


2014 – 24 ENTRIES

Iceferno – Chime (Dream Version)
Iceferno – Passion (YM2612 Tribute Mix)
Iceferno – Resemblance
Iceferno – Seinfeld Genesis
Iceferno – Vocé [É O Meu Amor] (YM2612 Tribute Mix)
Whirlwing – Endless (Tribute Mix)
Whirlwing – Rhapsody In F# (Neo Tribute Mix)
Brian Eno – An Ending [Ascent] (Iceferno’s Alecmosphere 026 Edit)
Brian Eno – Windows 95 Startup Theme (Iceferno Re-Edit)
Christopher Young – Hellraiser (Iceferno’s Seance Reprise)
DMT Experience – Love Is The Key (Iceferno Technocity Remix)
Jun Senoue – Windy Hill (Iceferno’s Water Shop Remix)
Ken Nato – Windows 98 Startup Theme (Iceferno Re-Edit)

Mat Silver vs. Tony Burt – Ultimate Wave (Whirlwing Remix)
Michael Giacchino – Lost Theme (Iceferno Re-Edit)
Oliver Prime – I Was A Bee (Pollenflug Interludium – Iceferno’s Alecmosphere 050 Edit)
RedWing – Dreamworld (Whirlwing Club Mix)
Robert Fripp – Windows Vista Beta Startup Theme (Iceferno Re-Edit)

Scooter – Sunrise (Whirlwing’s Origin Of Iceferno Remix)
Yuzo Koshiro – Beatnik On The Ship (Iceferno SS Fingers Remix)
Yuzo Koshiro – Dreamer (Iceferno’s Amour Colère Remix)
Yuzo Koshiro – Go Straight (Iceferno Extended Mix, Short Mix)
Yuzo Koshiro – Moon Beach (Iceferno Alternate Mix)
Yuzo Koshiro – Wave 131 (Iceferno’s Music City Remix)


2015 – 15 ENTRIES

Iceferno – All Of Me (YM2612 Tribute Mix)
Iceferno – Anticipation
Iceferno – Bridge Zone 2015
Iceferno – Cover Model (Tribute Mix)
Iceferno – Inspector Norse (YM2612 Tribute Mix)
Iceferno – Scrap Brain Zone 2015
Iceferno – Share Your Love (YM2612 Tribute Mix)
Iceferno – Super Lounge World
Iceferno – When All Else Fades (Original Blue Fog Mix)
Whirlwing – Terrible Beat 2015
Jacob Sherwood & Iceferno – Andrea Sadness
Jacob Sherwood & Iceferno – Untitled 2
Jacob Sherwood & Iceferno – Untitled 3
Hiroki Kikuta – Into The Thick Of It (HD Version by Iceferno)
James A. Moorer – Deep Note [THX] (Iceferno Re-Edit)


2016 – 23 ENTRIES

Iceferno – The 8 Bit Casino (Momenti D’estate)
Iceferno – The 8 Bit Casino (Naked Gun)

Iceferno – The 8 Bit Casino (Sky Diver)

Iceferno – The 8 Bit Casino (Terra de Ninguém)
Iceferno – Citrine Way (Technocity Mix)
Iceferno – Citrine Zone
Iceferno – Day’s End
Iceferno – Emerald Grove
Iceferno – The Final Warrior
Iceferno – Guardia Forest HD
Iceferno – Koopa Troopa Beach 2016
Iceferno – Sanctuary
Iceferno – Spirit Of The Night 2016
Iceferno – Timeless
Iceferno – When All Else Fades (Summer City Mix)
Iceferno – Wow, Sonic, Great Moves, Keep It Up, Proud Of You
Whirlwing – Devotion (Original Mix)
Whirlwing – Final Love (Original Mix)
Whirlwing – Speedway 1 [Amethyst City] (Extended Mix)
Whirlwing – Speedway 2 [Blue Plant] (Extended Mix)
Jacob Sherwood & Iceferno – Goodbye Horses
Flying Lotus – Parisian Goldfish (NES Remix by Iceferno)
Steve Roach – The Memory (Iceferno Harbour Mix)


2017 – 34 ENTRIES

Iceferno – Alien Power 2017
Iceferno – Alone (YM2612 Tribute Mix)
Iceferno – Back To The Industry (Mutant Mix)
Iceferno – Fuze (Enhanced NES Version)
Iceferno – Guile 131
Iceferno – Lava Reef Zone 2017
Iceferno – Lola’s Pride (Mash Mix of Rage)
Iceferno – Out Of Phase (Out Of Orbit Mix)
Iceferno – Press Garden Zone (Super Shinobi Mix)
Iceferno – The Shinobi (NES Version)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 01 – “The Wrath Begins” (Intro)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 02 – “Who Will Save The Day” (Player Select)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 03 – “Streets Of Wrath” (Round 1)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 04 – “Onslaught” (Boss)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 05 – “Open Path” (Round Clear)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 06 – “Wrong Side Of The Wrath” (Round 2)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 07 – “Jubilee Road” (Bonus Round)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 08 – “Miami Moon” (Round 3)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 09 – “Between Districts” (Round 4)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 10 – “Bruiseliner” (Round 5)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 11 – “Factory Rhapsody” (Round 6)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 12 – “City Heights” (Round 7)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 13 – “The Y Suite” (Round 8)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 14 – “Vengeance” (Final Boss)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 15 – “Ow” (Game Over)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 16 – “Contracts” (Bad Ending)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 17 – “Moonrise Skyline” (Good Ending)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 18 – “Miami Moon” (Club Mix)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 19 – “Factory Rhapsody” (Club Mix)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 20 – “Syndicate Halls” (Rmk V5 Round 7-02)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath – 22 – “Between Districts” (Club Mix)
Iceferno – Studiopolis Zone (Streets Of Wrath Version)
Iceferno – Summer City (Original Sunset Mix)
Iceferno – When All Else Fades (Streets Of Fade Mix)



2018 – 39 ENTRIES

Iceferno – Across The Sea (Seas Of Rage Mix)
Iceferno – Moonday IV (City Drive Original)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 01 – The Wrath Returns (Intro)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 02 – Gearing Up (Player Select)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 03 – Avenue Of Blood (Stage 1-01)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 04 – Last Call (Stage 1-02)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 05 – Onslaught II (Boss)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 06 – Breaking Through (Stage Clear)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 07 – Scar Tissue Speedway (Stage 2-01)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 08 – Festival Street (Stage 2-02 & 3-02)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 09 – Dream Park (Stage 3-01)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 10 – Mutant Nest (Stage 3-03)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 11 – Eagles Arena (Stage 4-01)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 12 – Stadium Depths (Stage 4-02)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 13 – Nightbruiser (Stage 5)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 14 – Samba De Ondas (Stage 6-01)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 15 – Machete (Stage 6-02)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 16 – The Foundry (Stage 7-01)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 17 – Rising Fury (Stage 7-02)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 18 – Lazarus (Stage 8)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 19 – Taijutsu (Stage 8 Boss)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 20 – Vengeance II (Final Boss)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 21 – Blackout (Game Over)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 22 – Case Closed (Ending)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 23 – The Foundry (Extended Mix)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 24 – Dream Park (Extended Mix)
Iceferno – Streets Of Wrath 2 – 25 – The Poets 1A
Dr. Kucho! – Belmondo Rulez 2.0 (Sega Genesis Version by Iceferno)
Gecko Yamori – New Wave (Streets Of Rage 2 Version by Iceferno)
Glenn Underground – Forms Of The Spirit (Sega Genesis Version by Iceferno)
Hiroshi Kawaguchi – Last Wave (Iceferno’s Summer Reprise)
Kirosen – Streets Of Rage 4 (SOR2 Version by Iceferno)
Motohiro Kawashima – Dub Slash (Iceferno Mutant Mix)
Tee Lopes – Stardust Speedway Zone, Act 1 (Streets Of Rage Version by Iceferno)
Toby Fox – Hip Shop (Streets Of Rage Version by Iceferno)
Toby Fox – It’s Raining Somewhere Else (Streets Of Rage 2 Version by Iceferno)
Toby Fox – Rude Buster (Iceferno’s Streets Of Wrath 2 Mix)
Tokuhiko Uwabo – Atropos (Iceferno’s Harpsichord Version)
Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima – Jungle Base (Iceferno Mutant House Mix)




2019 – 7 ENTRIES

Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song (Sega Genesis Remix by Iceferno)
Goemon Production Team – Rescue The Feudal Lord! (Super Shinobi Mix by Iceferno)
Kerri Chandler – Atmosphere Track 2 (Iceferno’s Streets Of Wrath Mix)
Markus Gardeweg – All I Want (Iceferno’s Streets Of Wrath 3 Mix)
Saori Kobayashi – Wandering (Iceferno’s City Stars Remix)
Tee Lopes – Skyway Octane (Super Shinobi Mix by Iceferno)
Takeshi Toriumi – Providence (Castlevania NES Version by Iceferno)