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Beauty Trance is Iceferno’s long-running mini compilation series. Originating from YouTube, BT followed the 10-11min Trance Megamix format that was common at the time. Highlighted sections of Trance music were fade-mixed together. All odd-number volumes were 7 fast tracks (Uplifting, Hard, Euro)
and even-number volumes were 5 slow tracks (Progressive Trance, House, Deep Trance).

“I originally started the series merely as a way of organizing my Trance collection, and for a time, it had quite a large audience.
The BT Song Catalogue has proved useful for finding certain tracks, especially to play in my Alecmosphere: Blissful Mix episodes.”
~ Iceferno, April 2017


May 2nd, 2017:
Tracklist page expanded, with the current design starting on Page 2.