About Iceferno

Musician and DJ


“I’ve always been fascinated by music, even from an early age. I used to listen to my parents’ cassettes when I was really young. Artists included Vivaldi, Jackson Browne, Sting, and Vangelis. I had a few music lessons in primary school on the piano/keyboard and trumpet.

But in terms of building my own independent musical interests, that didn’t really happen until a bit later. I bought my first CD in 2001. It was a Michael Jackson extended mixes single. An old Australian import that somehow made it to a local HMV. A little later while at secondary school, I was introduced to Will Smith and Scooter and my tastes grew from there, eventually discovering the incredible Airbase.

Where I started

On March 10th 2004, I bought Music 2000 for the PlayStation and had my first experience of electronic music creation. Soon after, I bought the PC version so I could properly save and export my tracks for listening away from the computer. And just a year later in the summer of 2005, I purchased a copy of FL Studio 5. Despite dabbling in other audio workstations such as Logic and Reason, FL has been my mainstay for over a decade.”



House – Dance – Chillout

(EST. 2006)
Uplifting & Progressive Trance

Euro Trance – Hard Trance
Happy Hardcore


Electro House – Tech House

BLEC AROOKE (2010-2012)
Funk/Soul – Drum & Bass

(EST. 2004)
Chillout – Orchestral

Alias Origins


After a succession of names, I finally settled on Iceferno and created my first tracks “Set The Night Alight!” and “Conflagration”.


A name I came up with when I decided to make a remix of “Across The Sea”. I’ve never really had the resources to effectively convey my ideas, so it’s a fairly infrequent side-project.


It’s been easier to convey ideas with this one, however. The name was originally Whirlwind, but the D changed to G through inspiration of RedWing, a commercial German Trance project from the 2000s.


“Cyber City” started this one off as a Progressive Electro House track spanning several versions, eventually ending with “Rage Dub”, a special remix of Yuzo Koshiro – Fighting In The Street, in 2013.


College projects birthed this alias, dealing in experimental genres and ones not commonly associated with me. The final project was a futuristic Funk remix of Christina Aguilera – Your Body.


Starting off as a slow dance (or Ambient Italo House) project, evolving into atmospheric orchestral and ambient remixes, eventually ending with a remix of Toru Minegishi – Palace Of Twilight.

I have plans to reuse my inactive names within my own projects as a form of production variation.