Something I wanted to bring to your attention. Iceferno (me), the compiler of Beauty Trance also makes music. I thought I should highlight this as there’s more to me than just putting songs together. Though, that in itself holds some skill, regarding the atmospheres I try to achieve for each BT. But I do make my own songs. So, in typical bio-fashion, I shall explain below in italic:

Iceferno. The compiler, the producer

“I originally started in 2004 using the PlayStation game MTV Music Generator (known in Europe as “Music 2000”) making a few experimental loop tracks. This is what you could really consider “making beatz” since I barely deviated from pre-made sounds. My first song I called “Set The Night Alight!” which was about New Years Eve. It’s since been remade a few times, most proudly as the Lavender Remake in 2005. I went through a series of names back then from Inferno to the cheesy DJ Combustion. I think all teens like to put DJ in front of their name. But take it away and you have something much more impressive. It wasn’t until 2005 that I came up with a decent name. Iceferno. Iceferno references the contrast of elements (as I enjoy a variety of music) but also the song that perhaps most encouraged me to make music: Scooter – Sunrise (Ratty’s Inferno), a driving Trancer with a stormy build and a soothing break.

2005 was when I started using Fruity Loops. I bought Version 5 and did more of the same loop experimentation. I seemed to have the same sound for about 2 years until a then-contact properly introduced me to the usage of VSTs (Virtual Studio Technology). More experimenting followed but with it, a change in style and sound.

2009 was when I started to get really creative and pride emerged within various tracks like “Moonday”, “Zen”, “Lament” and several remixes as my aliases. And in 2010, I was finally able to successfully produce Chillout through video game remixes of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon and Legend Of The River King 2. Hopefully 2011 will be a continuation of 2010 with more frequent and improving compositions along the way.”


Iceferno’s Tracks in BT:

Silver Sanctuary vs. Whirlwing – Star Hill (Juventa’s Art Of Beauty Remix) [#70]
Silver Sanctuary – Rainbow Pond (Original Mix) [#75 & #100A]
Minimalistix – Close Cover (Whirlwing Remix) [#83]
Silver Sanctuary vs. Whirlwing – Higher Than Hawks (Original Mix) [#87]
Iceferno – Honey Eyes (Original Radiant Glass Mix) [#88]
Whirlwing – Lament (Club Mix) [#95]
Silver Sanctuary – KandleLite (Juventa’s Candlestick Remix) [#100]
Silver Sanctuary – Time Is The Hammer 2009 [#100]
Whirlwing – Sundown (Whirlwing vs. Stevie Bond Remix) [#105]
Beserker – Shockwave (Whirlwing Remix) [#105]
Whirlwing – Euromantic (Club Mix) [#109]
Moldano – Adagio For Strings (Silver Sanctuary vs. Whirlwing Remix) [#111]
Silver Sanctuary – Fragile [#112]
Survivors – Heaven (Whirlwing’s 10th Anniversary Remix) [#129]
Silver Sanctuary – Zen (Original Dream Dub) [#150]
Dito – Ocean (Whirlwing Sunset Remix) [#161]
Goemon Production Team – Coming With Resort Feeling (Whirlwing Remix) [#163]
Budai & Vic – I Love Deep (Whirlwing Remix) [#165]
Iceferno – Cyberstring Blues [#166]
Clouddrifter – Orange Island (Iceferno Remix) [#188]
Iceferno – Coast 2 Coast [The Traveller’s Sound Shower] [#192]
Iceferno – Humberside Moonlight [#198]
Iceferno – Moonday (Uncut Version) [#200]
Whirlwing – Adiemus (Rough Tribute Mix) [#209]


Find out more about Iceferno’s music by exploring his website: