MARCH 10TH, 2004
• Starting producing on Music 2000 for the Sony PlayStation.

• Changed workstation to FL Studio 5
• Signed to label Total Wipes Productions (IT)

JANUARY 2ND Released “Set The Night Alight! / Midnight Cruise” on Total Wipes
NOVEMBER 4TH Released “Angel Eyes” on Total Wipes

• Cristian Paduraru – Emotion Comes From Motion (Iceferno Remix) signed to Christian Records (ROU)

JANUARY Updated workstation to FL Studio 7
JANUARY 16TH Launched Lavender Recordings on JunoDownload
• Released remix-swaps with producer Dark Electric (AU)
• Joined production team TranceLuvers, remixing “The World Of Trance” (Juventa, NL) as Alectro
• Remixed second TranceLuvers track “Journey Through Paradise” (CamSynth, USA) as Whirlwing
• Collaborated with Sughney (CA) on Yenhgus Onrefeci – X2C

MARCH Composed third TranceLuvers track “Star Hill” as Silver Sanctuary vs. Whirlwing
• Remixed fourth TranceLuvers track “One Step At A Time” (Jason Taylor, AU) as Silver Sanctuary
• Collaborated on Angelic – It’s My Turn remix with Stevie Bond (UK)
• Collaborated on Dominic Plaza – Sounds Rushing (David West Remix) remix with Juventa (NL)
SEPTEMBER Enrolled on Music Technoology course RSL Level 2 Diploma for Music Practitioners
SEPTEMBER Taught CD/Digital DJing by then tutor Adam “A.Gee” Gibbs

MAY 13TH Created current main YouTube channel
JUNE Completed Level 2 Diploma for Music Practitioners course at Distinction level
JULY 25TH Johan Kivi – Clouds (Iceferno presents Clouddrifter Remix) released on Inspired 2 Chill (UK)
AUGUST 1ST Closed my digital label Lavender Recordings with a £30 profit

• Commissioned a small music piece (the “Bedmates” original) for a freelance artist (MX)

FEBRUARY Attended PRS For Music seminar in London
JUNE 8TH Completed EDEXCEL BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Music Technology at Merit level

FEBRUARY Remix of Final Fantasy VII Sleep Theme played on internet station Rebel Radio
AUGUST 19TH Launched Bandcamp store, making £30 profit within the first month
SEPTEMBER Guested on local station Colne Radio (then Radio Wivenhoe) shows for interview and airplay
SEPTEMBER 15TH Attended BPM 2013 at The NEC, Birmingham
OCTOBER 6TH Started radio show “Alecmosphere with Iceferno”
DECEMBER 18TH Guest-hosted Funk/Soul show for a colleague

MARCH 10TH Celebrated 10 Years Of Iceferno with radio show episodes and 2 hour YouTube compilation
MARCH 15TH Performed first live DJ Set in Sudbury, UK
MAY Attended Defected Records pop-up store in Brick Lane, London. I met Dennis Ferrer
SEPTEMBER 4TH Met video game composer Alistair Lindsay (Jet Force Gemini, Dog’s Life) in Ipswich, UK
OCTOBER Began work on soundtrack for independent film (since cancelled)

MAY 12TH Won BPM’s DJ Of The Week, attaining finalist for the month
AUGUST 10TH Began collaborative album with Kent-based Actor/Director (since cancelled)
NOVEMBER 15TH Attended Music Production Expo at Emirates Stadium, London. I met Danny J Lewis
DECEMBER Tried streaming series “Alecmosphere Vision” on Twitch via rhythm game Audiosurf 2

MARCH 22ND Registered Iceferno as a self-employed business with HMRC
JUNE Learned vinyl DJing from a radio colleague

AUGUST 7TH Released album “Streets Of Wrath”
OCTOBER Won BPM’s DJ Of The Month, got an Enhanced ticket to BPM Pro 2017 and was a DJ Of The Year finalist
OCTOBER 22ND Attended BPM Pro 2017

FEBRUARY 18TH Hosted final “Alecmosphere with Iceferno” episode before a short return in 2021
AUGUST 11TH Attended Play Expo London, meeting DJ Slope, Kim Justice, and Larry Bundy Jr, handed out SOW copies
AUGUST 31ST DJ’d “Streets Of Wrath 2” tracks at Reztron’s SEGA Yacht Party in Custom House, London
SEPTEMBER 15TH Released my best track to date, “Moonday IV”
DECEMBER 21ST Released album “Streets Of Wrath 2”

MARCH 20TH DJ’d a special “Streets Of Wrath 2” mix at Gamerdisco in Shoreditch, London
APRIL 13TH Met Chillout musician Phil Mison at a London bar performance
MAY Attended Play Expo Manchester, meeting YouTubers and handed out SOW2 copies
AUGUST Started collaborating with animator YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer
DECEMBER 31ST Released “2009 Recollection” EP, five remakes of original tracks from ten years prior

MARCH 17TH Released album “Streets Of Wrath 3”
APRIL 9TH Began using SNES soundfonts
APRIL 15TH Remixed “Tetremix” from Tetris for SEGA Mega Drive (JP)
OCTOBER 30TH Released mini-album “Kamurocho Of Wrath”
DECEMBER 31ST Made my 100th track of 2020
DECEMBER 31ST Won Radio SEGA’s Fan Choice Remix Of The Year with “Tetremix”

FEBRUARY Interviewed by Radio SEGA’s The SEGA Lounge about remix win (aired in March)
AUGUST 2ND Released album “Streets Of Wrath 4”
AUGUST 4TH “Streets Of Wrath 4” achieved bestseller status on Bandcamp
SEPTEMBER 27TH Remixed “Name Entry” from Super Hang-On
OCTOBER Hosted “Alecmosphere with Iceferno” on local radio station DCR Online for 4 weeks
DECEMBER 25TH Released compilation “Streets Of Wrath EX”
DECEMBER 31ST Won Radio SEGA’s Fan Choice Remix Of The Year with “Name Entry”

MARCH 3RD Had first DJ gig since 2019 and a resurgence in local performing
APRIL 30TH DJed solo for the first time at JambarZ in Dumfries, Scotland with a 4 hour set
AUGUST 7TH Released album “Streets Of Wrath 3: Hunter Edition”